B.P.W. GT3 Brake Cooling Ducts for the 2021-2022 Tesla Model S Plaid and LR.


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B.P.W. GT3 Brake Cooling Ducts for the 2021-2022 Tesla Model S Plaid and LR.

B Pro Wholesale LLC Breathless Racing

 2021-2022 Tesla S Plaid & LR GT3

Street Track Brake Duct Cooling Package


What better place to get your performance car parts than from an actual racing team…We test our parts thoroughly for performance and durability on and off track.

Designed by our racing team with over 30 years experience and 7 championships, the Breathless Racing Brake Duct Cooling Package is configured in an OEM style format.  The kit dramatically reduces rotor temperatures on track, improving pad and rotor wear. The kit comes with everything necessary for an install, including pre-cut hoses.

The brake cooling kit was designed for owners looking to maximize their brake’s cooling efficiency and increase the brake’s ability to do their job.

This package is designed to direct airflow from the inside of the rotor and flow through and out the vanes.

Our spindle ducts are made out of aluminum to the perfect shape that covers the center of the rotors with tight clearances. It also has a section acting as a barrier to protect the ball joints and tie rods. The face of the inside and outside of the rotors are left to cool equally.

The ducts can be used with or without the protective screens installed as shown.

Our kit includes protective screens that can be easily removed for track days for extra airflow cooling

Package includes:

  • 2 spindle ducts and spacers
  • 2 high temp duct hoses
  • 2 aluminum 2.5 polished tubes
  • 2 silicone 45 degree reducer couplers
  • 2 ABS facia ducts
  • 2 aluminum locking fascia rings with protective screens (Can also opt not to install the screens for greater cooling)
  • 1 horn spacer adapter with bolt
  • 8 stainless steel clamps
  • 2 heat wraps for wheel sensors
  • Installation instructions (Estimated installation time 3-4 hours with vehicle on a lift)


Aluminum vs carbon fiber:

Aluminum is very efficient in heat reduction, cools quickly and will not warp or melt under high rotor temp conditions. (No need for gold or silver heat wrap since the adhesive is only rated for approximately 800 degrees.)

Full rotor face covered spindle ducts vs open face inner hub spindle ducts:

Some competitors full face spindle ducts produce excessive heat that is trapped on the inner disc face which causes the inner pads to burn faster than the outer pads. Not only does this negatively impact the overall service life of your pad set, it increases the odds of running your inner pads down to the backing plate and potentially damaging your discs. No air should be blown on the inner disc face.

Our inner hub spindle ducts cool the rotors equally inside and outside. With our spindle ducts, air is being forced inside the rotors across the vanes. It absorbs heat and evacuates it towards the outer edge of the disc. Brake ducts lower disc temperatures by forcing more air through the internal disc vanes. That forced air is coupled with the centrifugal force generated by the spinning directional cooling vanes, drawing additional heat from the disc. Testing has already proved approximately 300+ degree drop in temps vs stock with no brake ducts.



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