Corvette C5 Non Pop-up Headlight Kit 97-04


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  • Guaranteed to fit the Corvette C5 (98-04)
  • Replacement for pop-up headlights
  • Latest LED light technology
  • Constructed of 60-61 aircraft aluminum
  • High-grade, break-resistant acrylic lens cover
  • Durable, lightweight fiberglass tubs
  • Heat and moisture reduction fan
  • Low beam wattage 130
  • High beam wattage 230


-Kit includes all components necessary for installation.

-Return within 30 days for a full refund *restrictions apply*

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C5 Corvette Headlights That Never Let You Down

They won’t pop up… they get stuck down… the motor stopped running… Those are old problems that these C5 Lemans-style racing headlights eradicate. Unlike the pop-up headlights, these are fixed: there is no motor, no gears, and therefore, nothing that can malfunction and cause delays. Only a pair of head-turning LeMans-style racing headlights that provide phenomenal illumination at short and long distances. It’s no wonder that more and more C5 owners are choosing the non-pop-up kit over the commonly malfunctioning- stock lights.

Latest LED light technology for unmatched nighttime visibility

Drive with confidence knowing that nothing on the road will surprise you due to lack of visibility. The high beams on these C5 headlights are LED performance lights, thus, they give you advantages that no other type of light does. For example, the excellent color rendering index lets you see objects’ shapes and colors in the distance. This keeps you safer by making it easier to see upcoming curves, obstructions, and signs on the side of the road. Although the light produced is powerful and white (whiter than daylight), it’s toned down enough so that it doesn’t blind oncoming traffic. You can do the test yourself; before installing these headlights, turn on the high beams on your stock headlights and measure the distance of illumination, then after installing the LEDs, do the same. The results will surprise you. LED High Beams and Super white halogen D.O.T approved low beams

  • Department of Traffic approved low beams.


What is scratch-resistant, extremely hard to break, durable, and lightweight?

The answer is the acrylic lens cover used on these headlights. See, we understand that the exposed parts on a Corvette must be tough. We know these beautiful cars are made for speed, and at high speeds, even the smallest of items can become projectiles that cause damage. For that reason, we used a high-grade, break-resistant, acrylic lens cover on our lights. This hardened acrylic can withstand just about any small projectile that might smash into your car while on the road.


Made to last. Last to die.

Unlike other headlights made out of cheap materials, these C5 headlights are made of quality materials that withstand the test of time. Starting with the LEDs, these lights are known to have a lifespan of 2 to 4 times as long as most other lights. The estimated lifespan is 10,000 to 50,000 hours!

These headlights’ structure is made up of 60-61 aircraft aluminum: making it resistant to corrosion, stress, and cracking—basically weatherproof.

The tubs are made of ABS, a strong but lightweight material that can be colored. Also weatherproof and fire-resistant. These headlights give the Nokia cell phone quite a challenge when it comes to durability. You can rest assured that your investment will not be short-lived.

*The Kit includes a heat and moisture reduction fan system*


Easily install on a Sunday afternoon with day-to-day tools.

Everything comes “pre-mounted.” Kit includes all components necessary for installation.

Estimated Time:

Removal – old headlights – 30-60 minutes
Installation – new headlights – 3-6 hours

*installation instructions included*


*Return within 30 days for a complete refund*

Items must be unused and in the condition in which you got it

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