Corvette C6 2 Tip Custom Diffuser


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Made In the USA

This is a 100% functional lower rear diffuser. A must for track days or that ultimate racing look. Bolts on in about 1 hour.

Weight is 10.5 with the drop down fences.

It does replace the factory panel. It is a easy bolt on. Locking tabs on top screws into the factory side mounting holes. and has a brace and bracket that attaches to the lower control arm bolt.

LED Back up lights are available for this diffuser. These are mounted in the tunnel area and gives everyone fair warning when backing up.


Our diffuser also function as designed. If you have all the other necessary elements in place. IE, A proper floor feeder system, droop limits on the rear suspension, ability to adjust total center of pressure, (splitter and rear wing) you will be further able to exploit our new product.

To calculate approximate down force at other speeds at the diffuser we know that lift increases at the square of the velocity. At 75mph we would have 100lbs down force.


With this installation for the street on a stock C6, you will improve your gas mileage at highway speeds because the diffuser allows the air traveling underneath the car a place to expand and decelerate back to road speed as well as providing wake infill. IE: It will reduce total drag.


Our diffuser comes in a gelcoat finish which needs to be prepped and painted.


CES Custom 2 Tip Exhaust available For BPP Diffuser




CES Custom Exhaust For BPP Diffuser

Product Code: 700-256S

Price: $875.00

CES Performance Exhaust Systems for the C6 or Z06 consist of a bolt on kit.

This exhaust is made for our 2 tip GT rear Diffuser

CES Custom Exhaust For BPP Diffuser


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Weight 205.00 lbs
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