Corvette C5 Side Skirt (Set)


Side skirts for the C5 Corvette (1997-2004)

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To get the most out of your C5’s power, you want to make sure you’re cutting through the air like a razor-sharp knife cuts through jello. The less friction acting on your car, the greater your acceleration will be and your ability to maintain top speed. Side skirts are used for this exact purpose. They reduce the amount of air that goes under the car from the sides. If an air dam and splitter is used, air under the car is at a low pressure––which causes the higher-pressure air on the outside of the car to spill under the car. The closer to the ground the lower edge is––the more effective the skirts will be. Apart from the boost in performance, these side skirts will give a more competitive/intimidating look to your car…turning heads wherever you take it.

Material: Made from distinctive lightweight ABS. It comes in a primer finish that needs to be prepped and painted.

Installation: With easy install capability, you can Bolt it on in less than one hour. It screws into your existing frame rail.


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